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A Fast & Simple, Factory Certified Production Milling CAM Solution for 2D and 2.9D milling machining.

The acamMill® is a fast and simple, factory certified CAM system is the Process Oriented Programming of 2D and up to 2.9D with A-axis milling function. With a powerful practical knowledge-based machining technology that requires little programming skills yet allows the optimization of productivity of the CNC machining centre.

AcamMill Advantages:

  • Users definable cutting processes.

  • Auto tool selection with tool library.

  • Colors visual for easy selection and viewing.

  • Datum and depth can be picked directly from the side view of the drawing.

  • Same job in multi views programming.

  • Auto feed rate reduction at internal ARC.

  • Auto RPM & feed rate adjustment accordingly to cutter length projection.


acamMill can do ...

For Profile Milling..

  • Separate 3D step for taper & radii.

  • Text engraving in straight line or arc.

  • Plunge cut machining with/without taper.

  • Manual cutter path modification is possible.

  • Cutter path simulation for profile and cycle.

  • Cutter path verification for small corner radius.

  • 2.9D profiling with different top and bottom radii.

  • Regular pocket with different taper angles for roughing & finishing.


For Cycle Milling..

  • Automatic define holes processing and not single hole.

  • Automatic generation of step drill for large diameter hole.

  • Automatic depth for center drill of different diameters.

  • Automatic generation of pre-ream and tap drill hole.

  • Automatic mirror file for holes with hidden line.

  • Automatic depth calculation for plate drilling.

  • Automatic recognition of tap hole.

  • Special approach for facing

  • Etc.


The software is easy and quick to learn yet powerful and has a knowledge-base and has many special features such as :-

  • Trochoidal milling allow high meterial removal to save machining time.

  • Special approach for face milling.

  • Separate down step for radius, taper & vertical wall.

  • Auto generation of cutter pat for corners remaching.

  • Intelligent Variable offset save up to 30% of machining time.

  • Text engraving on radiusor slope surface.

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