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A powerful, fast, efficient and easy-to-use 2 and 3D Professional CAD for Windows, Linux & Mac OS. 100% compatible to DWG. Fits in existing workflows with limitless system customization.

enggCad9® provides an exceptional degree of compatibility with CAD Industry standard. The application is available work on Windows, Linux and Mac platforms. enggCad9® is able to Read/Write DWG ,DXF ,DWF file formats enggCad9® includes over 400 powerful two and three-dimensional CAD functions. System command charts are available on demand, letting even novice users get up and running right away.


With direct file support for DWG 2011 and DXF 2011 formats and "Round-Trip" retention of drawing elements, enggCad® users can work side-by-side in a mixed AutoCAD® and enggCad® environment.



VisualizationPower - 3D Solid Modeller:

·        enggCad9® build in with full ACIS 3D modeling and editing tools for users to create virtual 3D components for machine design and analysis.


·        The visualization ability allows the users reorient the model dynamically in real-time shaded 3-D and helps the designer maintain a mental 3-D image.


Customizationand API

·        CustomizeUser Interface (CUI) - Limitless Program Customization

enggCad9's visual Desktop and Menu Editor provide users with no programming skills caneasily modify command dialogs, pull-down menus and toolbars to suit their specific needs.  Similarly, users caneasily assign aliases or hot-keys to command functions to optimise productivity across their entire organization.  


·        ProgramInterface (API) - Application Development

enggCad9® is fully programmable using Lisp, Visual C++, or Delphi programming languages. By using its application Programming Interface (API), users can quickly create productivity enhancing extensions and applications optimised for their enterprise.






enggCad Pro is a Key Tool To Greater Value for Engineering in which integrated with many special tools such as:-


·        ProductivityTools - aDim

enggCad9® auto-dimension, aDim function provides Ordinate and Hole List capabilities.This function greatly reduces your dimensioning time from hours to a mereminute. A super productivity tool created with fast and powerful ordinate & holes listing functions for user to get the dimension out in a second and noerror at all.


·        Life SaverTools - PDFin

enggCad9® PDFin, PDF to DWG converter, help you convert PDF to native DWG file or  PDF to DXF file;  high quality, ease of use; The converted drawing kept the vector information of PDF, It's a very useful tool for engineer free from the lengthy and tedious tracing work on PDF drawing. The user can straightly design the engineering work on top of the converted DWG file.


·        SecurityTools - enggPaper®

enggCad9®  provides secured drawing distribution and collaboration using enggPaper function. This enggPaper solution is far more superior than PDF because it does not requires any viewer and can be used for checking dimensions & layers detail with paper space  views. enggPaper® security functions include PASSWORD, DATE & PRINT control. With this function the users can distributeand share the complex and confidential CAD drawings among the suppliers, customers and partners without the need to access to the original native CAD software and yet you can have a control over the content.


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