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Features rich CAD-CAM solution for the programming of 2 and 4 Axis EDM Wirecut Machine. Easy and Quick to learn and yet Powerful to cut.

The acamWcut® is a highly functional "factory certified" CAN-CAM integrate system. An affordable CAD-CAM solution for EDM wirecut machining up to 4-axis NC programming.

acamWcut that incorporate extensive knowledge-based machining technology with stored information likes wire diameter, materials and cutting strategies that provide a productive method and requiring less time to generate highly efficient machining codes.

The acamWcutIt is requiring less time to program parts and producing more consistent NC code. It is easy and quick to learn yet powerful for Wirecut machining with many key features such as:-

Productivity Enhancement Features:

  •  Able to do full or partial taper in any cut.
  • User definable cutting condition data bases.

  • Prepared path can be edited with new settings.

  • Prepared path is able to copy, rotate and array.

  • Able to display cutting perimeter, time and cost.

  • Change path color also change the number of cut.

  • Able to do overnight cutting without any machinist.Prepared path can be posted to different machine formats.

  • More...

Fault Checking & Reducing Features:

  • Flexible zero (datum) point.
    • No editing of NC file is required.

    • WYSIWYG, full display of wire path.

    • Able to input clearance for each profile.

    • Auto check for short line and highlight it.

    • Auto check for small internal corner radius.

    • Able to graphic check a manually edited NC file.

    • More ...

    Quality Enhancement Features:

    • Auto dwell for corner control.

    • Prepare with auto offset side.

    • Prepare with auto corner fillet.

    • Forward and reverse cut for die profile.

    • Overcut is possible to have a negative value.

    • Different cutting strategies for insert (Die inside Punch).

    • Different approach and departure pattern to reduce undercut.

    • Different cutting strategies for roughing first then finishing cut.

    • More..

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