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Our business activities

Enggsoft is principally involved in the research, design, develop, market, and support a family of modular and high-performance, engineering, scientific, computer aided design, computer aided manufacture, security and enterprise software products and productivity technology for the global industries. The Enggsoft Group use a unique combination of (a) advanced software engineering and technological know-how; and (b) expertise in market and industry analysis, to create affordable and appropriate software products and services customized to the industry needs. The company provides a series of engineering, scientific, computer aided design, computer aided manufacture, security and enterprise software, and technology which has great potential to protect intellectual property and to increase the performance, efficiency and effectiveness of many processes and reduce the total costs of ownership. The aim is to develop new, advanced software, capable of improving or extending the productivity, coupled with these new technologies and capable of protecting intellectual property and improving manufacturing output and efficiency.

Enggsoft’sproducts are classified into two main categories, namely, (a) Engineering solution, and (b) Security solution, The Engineering solution provides innovative software and unique technology, namely the computer-aided design software (enggCAD), and computer-aided manufacturing software (ACAM Engineer, enggPress), secured distribution of CAD drawings (enggPaper), knowledge-based architecture software (enggArch), scientific problem solving software (Robust Engineer), for the technical design and manufacturing automation, analysis, and robust optimization, for small-to-medium sized manufacturing engineering companies and large corporations. The security products provide security software and trusted computing technology to create a secure trusted computing environment, for both inside & outside companies activities, namely the secured document storage, archival, control, protection and control of intellectual property. Enggsoft’s products offer complete functionality and can be interface easily with other software systems, especially in the areas of computer-aided design and computer aided manufacturing, secured distribution of drawings and intellectual property, robust engineering, and secured document management at an attractive price/performance ratio. These attributes have made Enggsoft’s software products especially popular in the design and manufacturing segments of the market, particularly in the precision engineering, OEM tool makers, as well as the mold, tool, die and fixture makers.

We focus our research and development efforts on providing complete engineering solution, security solution and enterprise solution including computer aided design and computer aided manufacture solutions, secured computing platform as well as robust engineering and document management system to the specific needs of this market segment. We are committed to providing our customers with comprehensive, cost-effective software solutions and productivity technology that streamline business cycles, manufacturing cycles, enable collaboration with outside vendors and shorten delivery time, and optimize the supply chain. Our objective is to become one of the world's leading providers of affordable innovative software and productivity technology for typically any company involved in the design and manufacturing, robust design as well as productivity management of engineered products and/or projects.

Enggsoft has a business model which employs a market-driven approach. Enggsoft has the software engineering infrastructure, resources, and know-how throughout the process of creating, developing and commercializing new innovative software and unique productivity technology. Enggsoft’s engineering, scientific, computer aided design, computer aided manufacture, security and enterprise software products and services are suited to a vast number of applications across a spectrum of industry sectors. Enggsoft’s software is intended to be delivered directly to market through our sales team, website, distribution channels and third-party value-added resellers and original equipment manufacturer partners.We market our software under the brand names “EnggsoftTM”, “Acam-EngineerTM”, “Robust-EngineerTM”, “eCADTM”, “AcamTM”, “EnggArchTM”, “EnggPressTM”, “EnggCADTM”, “EnggPaperTM”,  “Pdf2DwgTM”.

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