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About our company

The Enggsoft Group is an advanced software company with the vision of becoming a global provider of affordable high impactsoftware and technology solutions for the global industries. Enggsoftspecializes in the creation and development of innovative software and uniquetechnology, especially in the domain of engineering, scientific, computer aideddesign, computer aided manufacture, security and enterprise software applications,across the entire business value chain to deliver measurable business value byleveraging advanced Enggsoft’s technology.

Enggsoft’s unique technology and softwareapplications are designed not only to enable businesses to protect, acquire,retain and extend their production, but also to improve their customeradoption, improve collaboration and coordination across the entire businessvalue chain, as well as also enhances operational productivity and efficiencywith the goal of maximizing business results and significant returns oninvestments. Enggsoft has the technology to provide businesses with innovativeand proven software solutions that will create significant values and increasetheir security, quality and productivity, by utilizing Enggsoft’s leading edgetechnology, including software, hardware and services to create end-to-endcomplete integrated solutions.

The Enggsoft Group was founded by a groupof scientist and engineers to create a new set of engineering, scientific,computer aided design, computer aided manufacture, security and enterprisesoftware tools which can help businesses to protect intellectual property, reducecost and save time, improve productivity, improve efficiency and performanceand increase revenue and profits, and revolutionizing the way companies dobusiness, by simplifying how software and productivity technology is used, bymaking it available to any company wherever and whenever they need it, and bymaking it affordable enough for every company to buy and license.

After many years of research and productdevelopment, Enggsoft has begun introducing a unique set of powerful,affordable, industry-compatible and proven engineering, scientific, computeraided design, computer aided manufacture, security and enterprise software and productivity technology solutions. Enggsoft sells its products and servicesthrough channel distribution networks configured geographically and by verticalmarkets. The Company’s primary targeted vertical markets include manufacturing,services, pharmaceuticals, market research, government, and education.  

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